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Club Rush Event

Club Rush was held at Moreno Valley College campus during 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday September 23 to the 24.

Its purpose was to get students involved in clubs on campus and a chance for clubs to present themselves to the student body and get new members.

Jose Duran Retires After 23 Years at MVC

Jose Duran, a business and information systems professor, will be retiring at the end of this semester after twenty six years of working for the Riverside Community College District.

Jose Duran in his office.

Ann Pfeifle: Historian, Professor, Advisor.

Ann Pfeifle, a professor of history, has been working at Moreno Valley College for the last fourteen years. 

Pfeifle, born and raised in North Dakota, came to California for grad school.

Ann Pfeifle

Music Concert Series at the Moreno Valley College

The Moreno Valley College held a music event on Tuesday, May 27, from 12:50p.m to 1:50p.m in the Student Financial Services building, featuring Patrick Blackwell and Wayne Hinton.

Patrick Blackwell is a bass-baritone opera singer, and his partner Wayne Hinton is a skilled pianist.

Patrick Blackwell

Harvey Milk Day Celebration

Moreno Valley College’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Student Alliance, sponsored by the Multicultural Advisory Council, hosted MVC’s Sixth Annual Harvey Milk Day Celebration on May 22, from 12:50 to 1:50 PM, in order to celebrate the legacy he has on our campus. 

WASI @ Harvey Milk Day Celebration


Ingrid Wicken MVC Cardio & Fitness Instructor

Coming to attend Moreno Valley College, students mostly think of subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and history, yet there is one simple course that relates to everyday life: physical education.

The everyday aspect of taking your health for granted and not taking the time for a simple workout can lead to plenty of health issues later on in life.

Wicken and her ski trophies

Student Summer Plans

Moreno Valley College students summer plans include a variety of activities, from going to the beach to staying home and catching up on TV shows. 

Student Study Habits

Finals are quickly approaching for Moreno Valley College students. With only a few weeks left of the spring term students are preparing themselves for the tests soon to come. Whatever they’re doing it is their best way to prepare themselves for whatever final they're going to be taking.

Student Studying

Appreciating Dr. Valerie Zapata

As teacher appreciation week is approaching soon, Dr. Valerie Zapata is a well known and not only appreciated but has become an inspiration to her students. With her vibrant smile she shows her passion not only through her teachings but through her students. 

Different generations of Puente


Social Networking

Social networks can be tempting during school hours to communicate with peers and other necessities they might have. But social networking could also be a distraction.

Depending on how it’s being utilized, but sometimes they can be a helpful tool.

When they are present in class, social networks should be kept aside.

Student Views on Books

Books are important to the college lifestyle. Students need them for their classes and sometimes they just want books to read. These days students have the option to choose what kind of book they want. They can have a physical book they carry around or if they have some sort of electronic device they can download a whole book into and carry the device around.


The Pain and Gain of Rain

Less than a month into the semester, a downpour hit the Southern Californian region and claimed it as its own. From flooding to minor evacuations, the rain failed to cease its relentless torrent. “This rain is insanity. I can’t even get to the bus stop down the street. Luckily it’s the weekend, but I hope that the rain doesn’t go into the week.

Car Fool or School Star?

In today’s economic style of living, one must choose between certain aspects of life and prioritize it, by needs and wants. A necessity is something that one needs in order to function, at least fluidly, such as a car, whereas a want, is something that one wants to attain for simple joy and pleasure, such as a brand new car or the car of one’s dreams.

Music around Campus

Moreno Valley College has been quiet lately besides the laughter and excitement of the students' voices. The campus has been missing some good wonderful music. Our campus has not had music playing on the televisions inside or outside the Lions' Den. Recently I have investigated the reason on why the school has decided to quit playing the funny, goofy, exciting music videos by MTVu.


Tigers (2-0) Set to Do Battle against Grossmont (1-1)

Riverside City College's Tigers are off to another impressive football season.

The Tigers are currently 2-0 to start of the 2014 season, with wins coming against Bakersfield, in which RCC ran right through 51-3 and in an exciting game last week against Saddleback in a double overtime win 37-34.

Arts and Entertainment

"The Simpsons Guy" Review



This past Sunday, Fox brought two of America’s favorite families and had them under the same roof for Family Guy's 13th season premiere.    

The Simpsons Guy

Upcoming Movies 2014

With all of the exciting movie sequels and new movie franchises released during the first half of the year, there is still more excitement to come.

Anticipated Movies of 2014

Rush Movie Review

Oscar winning Director Ron Howard has brought many great films to the big screen, most notably his Oscar winning film A Beautiful Mind (2001).

Rush Movie Image

Son of God: Movie Review

In a long line of Christian-based motion pictures, Son of God is the most current and is likely to be one of the most lucrative, surpassing film front-runners The Lego Movie and RoboCop.

Son of God's Theatrical Release Poster

2013 Coming to an End

New Years is fast approaching everyone, and how does Moreno valley College students feel about it? Or how do they feel about this year that is about to pass?
Bonnie Baney said, " I love the different celebrations around the world, it's different and wonderful.

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