Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

On Tuesday, September 26th, ASMVC’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Council held a Hispanic Heritage Celebration on campus. With food, prizes and music, students were able to learn more about a new culture.

Walking out onto the Lion’s Den on the 26th, one was likely to see a group of students sitting in chairs either listening to some fun Spanish pop songs, eating El Pollo Loco or watching students from the Multi-Cultural Advisory Council, also known as MCAC, give presentations on Latin American countries such as Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia.

“The presentations were very informative and I learned that Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world,” commented Christina Robbins, a returning MVC student from Moreno Valley. For the most part, students attended the event were ultimately positive, especially about the presentations.

Uruguay Presentation

A science board filled with facts about the country Uruguay was one of several displays during the MCAC presentations at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration. Photo by Sandra Rodriguez


According to MCAC director Ronnie Washington, sharing information about other cultures is instrumental to MCAC’s goal.

“We’re all about diversity, we’re all about raising awareness [and] we’re all about celebrating similarities. Yes, we may be different ethnicity-wise, biologically we’re the same and I feel it’s important that we know about each other.”

In addition to learning about other cultures, students were able to win prizes from doing a word search or answering trivia questions about the presentations put on by MCAC members. Prizes were MVC tote bags filled with school supplies as well as other items such as toothbrushes and samples of Axe body spray.

Free food was also available for students in attendance with their ID cards. Catering was done by El Pollo Loco and students were able to have chicken, black beans, rice and tortillas, among other options.

Though, ideally and without budget constraints, Washington would like to put on an event with speakers who are from and have been immersed in the cultures MCAC is bringing awareness to, the Hispanic Heritage celebration seemed to be successful and a step in promoting campus diversity. The celebration corresponded with National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is every year from September 15th to October 15th.

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