Do Celebrities Get Away with Anything?

In the United States of America, most of us are under the impression that all people are created equal. Apparently, "created equal" means we all have rights granted to us through birth. After further inspection, one could come to acknowledge that this is not the case. In fact, there are a certain group of people among us who not only have the same rights promised to the average person, but also have rights some of us did not even know were rights to begin with! This group of people breathe how we breathe, bleed how we bleed, sleep how we sleep, blink, think, walk, talk, everything we can do, they can do... Only better! This group is known as "celebrities."

Celebrities seemingly can get away with anything! ANYTHING! If you're reading this article, you clearly have not committed any of the crimes many celebrities have committed-- or if you have, good luck avoiding getting caught-- and I'm sure most of us wouldn't want to commit these crimes-- or if you would, you need to get your life in order--, so it's beyond comprehension how or why these celebs get away with the same illegal activities that could land the Average Joe in prison!You might want examples, right?

How about that "Two and a Half Men" star who is known to do cocaine at various upscale hotels? The Feds can just turn the television onto TMZ and already have enough evidence to get any judge to grant them a search warrant, but they'd rather break into houses in the underprivileged communities across America, assuming everyone who is poor does drugs!

How about that creepy singer (R.I.P) who was accused TWICE of having sexual intercourse with young boys? Even a false rumor about a non-celebrity molesting children could (and definitely would) ruin his/her life entirely.
If those examples are not good enough to make this point valid, take a look at that rich, bratty chick who has been caught several times with possession of narcotics, yet she is not serving time in prison. Is it because her daddy owns overpriced hotels? Maybe her and the former "Two and a Half Men" failure should get together and set up a cocaine snorting binge at one of daddy's hotel rooms? Hey, they won't have to worry about the police. The cops will be too busy busting into "suspected" criminals' homes instead of actually nabbing proven law-breakers.

Guaranteed, "if the glove does not fit, you must acquit" would not be a phrase that would free you of murder allegations. It could work if you're a football player, but in the case that you're not, you might as well be looking at ways to prove that you were not home to murder your wife and her lover, instead of relying on evidence of a glove not fitting.

There have been countless incidents where known names have walked away without repercussions for their terrible decision-making skills. How long do you think it would take for a jury to find you guilty of stealing a $2,500 necklace? Especially when there's surveillance footage of you taking it! Do you actually think you'd be able to come to your court hearing late without even a "contempt of court" thrown at you by the judge?
For the most part, we can't comprehend why these celebrities do what they do. What makes even less sense is why these celebrities are allowed to get away with what they do!

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